Each time you reset the dot will remain 
the reset will not appear in the list on
the site unless we do a major
reset on the site.
grand reset 200 will be
added to it 200 reset 1 reset

2021-10-10 16:20:12

iNFO Server

Launch date: 10.10.2021 - at 19: 00 Turkey Time
Version: Season 6 Premium
Experience rate: x50
Rate for drop: 30%
Max Level: 400
Max stats: 32767
Mu Helper: from level 80
Guild Creation: Level 350
Max stake. Players in the guild: 15
Max stake. Players in the DL guild: 20
Max stake. Guild alliance: 1
Elf helper up to: 10 reset
Max Reset: 200
Max Grand Reset: 200
Max 3 accounts from one IP
MG-DL are available from: 220 leveL
Features of the game:
A new game panel with sections-Event Time Ranking Command Jewel Bank.
New effects bosses.
New PvP events Team vs Team Guild vs Guild Battle Royale Championship.
The new Marriage System.
Golden Archer with the Life Creation stones exchanger for Goblin poinst currency
Lucky Coin System

2021-10-10 03:04:37